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About WorldWide Trustee Services, LLC

Worldwide Trustee Services, LLC is a Florida Corporation founded in 2008. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of TrustREPS, L.C.(Florida corp.) that is dedicated to helping people build wealth, maintain privacy whilst doing so, and avoid probate.

Worldwide Trustee Services CEO and Managing Director Mac McWhirter-optCEO and Executive Director

The manager of Worldwide Trustee Services, LLC is Mac McWhirter, who has almost 20 years of experience in real estate, starting in 1985 when he first invested in in single family houses, up until 2005 when he chose to sell the last one he owned in order to reposition the business and access the available capital for use in creating a support service for the real estate and business investor.

As the Executive Director of Worldwide Trustee Services LLC, Mac facilitates methods of administering monies for faster investment transactions. He works with a wide network of other companies that provide off-shore investing and wealth protection. Between them they facilitate wealth building in taxable or non-taxable vehicles. For instance, Self-Directed Individual Retirement Accounts, a “qualified savings program” which is either “pre-tax” or “post-tax” as regards the contributions into it for income tax liability.

About The Company

Worldwide Trustee Services LLC has a global network of affiliated providers that are available for cross-border transactions, business structuring, succession planning, investment opportunities, and revenue efficiencies. We service those who wish to live in one country, but conduct business in another country. We also cater to clients who do business in their local areas. We can help you to protect the assets that you’ve already acquired and those you wish to acquire.

We are based in the United States, however we can facilitate your needs not only in the USA, but also through affiliates across Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, South-East Asia, and Australia/NZ.  We generally work through referrals and authorized third-party administrators. We enjoy having the opportunity to inform and educate prospective clients in the areas of asset protection and wealth building.

Our History

Worldwide Trustee Services, LLC began in 2008. Since then we have helped many clients guide their acquisitions and portfolios into a more protective environment for their assets. In addition to real estate there are personal property trusts and the new IRA Trusts for your Self Directed IRA, which can be a very powerful tool to help you build and protect your wealth.

Transactional Funding

We can also provide access to transactional funding from private lenders or your Self-Directed IRA could be the private lender for someone else.

This is a very powerful wealth building tool for the individual seeking to increase their net worth.

Tax Reporting Privacy

Trusts that require a tax return can be accommodated for additional reporting privacy.

What does this mean? If the trust is generating income and requires a return to be filed, this Trustee will sign off on a properly compiled return which will pass on income to the recipient’s tax return via a form K-1 which shows only an amount entered on the first page of a (US)Form 1040 and not the complete road map to all the income producing assets as would be on 1040 sch. E.

Mission Statement

To provide new investors with the resources and knowledge to get them off on the right foot. Give clients the tools they need to build wealth, maintain privacy, and avoid the financial and emotional burdens of Probate.

If you wish to discuss your wealth management and protection needs, get in touch with us via our email form or telephone us. The details can be found at our Contact Us page.

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